BOGO stands for (Everyone knows) Buy One Get One

We have listed down our best sellers and these are the  reasonable prices also to save the kitchen time, if we make two dishes at the same time, we would be able to pass on that savings to our lovely customers.

Be it the Indian Butter Chicken or Let it be the Pad Thai chicken

On the vegetarian side, we have Panner Tikka Masala or Vegan Spicy Noodles , challenge your taste buds.

We have Biryani also available under the same offer, you choose your protein for most of the dishes, have it with Paneer (Cottage Cheese) or with Chicken or with Tofu for the Vegan options.

Choices are as per your liking, so do not wait and order your favorites

BOGO is a way of encouraging more sales of a product by offering customers another item of the same type, free or for a reduced price.

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  • Biryani – BoGo

    Ethnically prepared, ” not fried ” spicy Basmati Rice No Dairy …
    $19.99 Add to cart
  • Masala Magic with Rice (BoGo)

    Butter Chicken Masala with Rice (Sweet : Tomato + Cashew …
    $19.99 Add to cart
  • Thai Noodles – BoGo

    Thai Noodles Warm Thai Basil Noodles, or Hot Red Spicy Noodles …
    $19.99 Add to cart
  • Thai Soups (BoGo)

    Enjoy our Thai Soups with Great Flavors  …
    $19.99 Add to cart
  • Thai Stir Fry with Rice – BoGo

    Thai Stir Fry with Rice Warm Thai Basil Stir Fry, or …
    $19.99 Add to cart
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