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Salad Rolls – We chose an eclectic mix of fresh, vibrantly flavored vegetables, greens, herbs. Yummy veggie roll recipe so irresistible.

In southern Vietnam, these rolls are called gỏi cuốn, meaning salad rolls. While in northern Vietnam, these rolls are called nem cuốn, meaning nem rolls. Central Vietnam, they are simply called “rice paper” rolls. In the West, these rolls are called by several different English names, including “salad roll”, “spring roll” and “summer roll.” Sometimes the word “Vietnamese” is added at the beginning of these words; for example, in Hong Kong, they are called “Vietnamese rolls”.

Australia and the United States they may be called “Vietnamese spring rolls”. Although specifically in Australia they may sometimes be referred to as “cold rolls”. Some Asian restaurants in the United States also refer to them as “crystal rolls”, “soft rolls” or “salad rolls”. The name “summer roll” was popularized by some Vietnamese American restaurants for easier marketing and as a seasonal play on the term “spring roll”. But many Vietnamese American restaurants still use “spring roll” as the English translation.

Fresh rolls are easily distinguished from similar rolls by the fact that they are not fried. The ingredients used are different from (deep-fried) Vietnamese egg rolls. In Cambodia, Vietnamese gỏi cuốn are called nime chao, meaning “raw rice paper”. They are produced by a different technique in the Siem Reap and Battambang areas from that in Vietnam. Another dish called kuy tieu kat (“cut rice noodles”) is created from steaming the water mixture and adding meat, vegetables and other assorted condiments. In Japan, they are called nama harumaki (生春巻き“raw spring rolls”), and are typically filled with shrimp.

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